Corporate Team Building Programs & Training

We deliver practical Corporate Training programs focused on key issues faced in today’s business world.

Whether you are a business leader or someone seeking professional development to improve yourself in business, our training programs will equip you with new business skills and knowledge to apply straight away.

Our corporate training programs are delivered as educational team building programs, workshops and coaching sessions for large groups right through to individuals, anywhere in India. They can be incorporated into team workshops, executive retreats, conferences or simply within a typical work day.

The key training programs that we offer are ideal in the development of leaders, senior executives, workplace teams right through to new recruits.

There is a strong emphasis on maximising performance in lean and agile teams, structuring teams for innovation, leading teams through change, and creating a positive team culture.

Training Programs

1. High Performance Teams
2. Successful Cultures
3. Managing Conflict
4. Powerful Communication
5. Effective Leadership
6. Managing Change


Our corporate training workshops and coaching are designed to provide a variety of personal and team development outcomes including:

Successful, connected and effective leadership of teams
Effective working relationships
Setting up your team to win
Self awareness and emotional intelligence
Building mutual trust and understanding within teams
Breaking down departmental silos
Understanding the value of fun in the workplace
Attracting the right people into your business
Delegation, communication and strategic thinking
Successfully managing change processes
The power of positive fun corporate cultures

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