In case of private groups, the final count of participants should be confirmed 7 days prior to the tour / trek / camp / activity. No additions / substractions will be entertained later on. The fees will be collected in advance on the basis of final head count.

Total fees of individual / private groups for any tour / trek / camp / activity will be collected in advance (finalized on final head count) before respective tour / trek / camp / activity. It is compulsory to pay total fees before 7 days of tour / trek / camp / activity. No tour / trek / camp / activity will be continued unless and until the receipt of total fees in advance.

Food and/or drinks will be provided as per the package (i.e limited or unlimited). Menu will be subject to availability. In no case, package will be revised / changed at the beginning of / during tour.

For any delay made by indivicual / private groups, to began the tour (for any reason), the organisers have the right to change the itinerary. The private groups are requested to cooperate with the organisers.

Booking & Reservations for scheduled tours / treks / camps / activities will be strictly made on ‘First Come, First Server’ basis.

We advise not to carry any kind of valuable goods during tour / trek / camp / activity. In case of loss of such goods, the organisers are not liable for the same. The responsibity of all types of luggage will be owned by the participants, themselves.

We expect overall maximum decency from the participants during tour / trek / camp / activity.

If the Client is willing to amend or cancel his/her booking because of whatsoever reasons including accident, illness, or any other personal reasons including non-payment of the balance payment, the Company is liable to recover Cancellation charges from the Client. All cancellations are to be communicated in written and advance amount is non refundable, besides the forfeiture of the deposit amount of the tour, a further charge will be levied as follows:-

30 days prior to departure of the tour 25% of total fees.
30 days to 15 days prior to departure of the tour 40% of total fees.
14 days to 07 days prior to departure of the tour 75% of total fees.
07 days to 01 days prior to departure of the tour 100% of total cost.
There will be no refund for NO SHOWS.


Every participant must carry tour / trek / camp / activity schedule and must hand-over a copy of the same to someone responsible at home.

Every participant must bring all the necessary things (if specified any) along with backpack as informed for the tour / trek / camp / activity.

A rational discipline is expected from every participant. Smokings, drinking any alcoholic drinks, chewing tobacco, gums or other narcotics are strictly prohibited. We advise you use candies instead.

All the participants might be divided in smaller groups for the sake of security and fun. In case of adventure treks / camps / activity, such every group will be allotted a group leader. The group must follow all the instructions and orders of their group leader, as well as the trek/camp leader. Become a good follower. This will help you to become a leader soon.

We, the organizers, hold the right to reject entry of any participant on reason of, non carrying of necessary things as informed, non-payment of tour / trek / camp / activity fees, violation of any rule or instruction, or any other as decided by the organisation.

No participant will go anywhere without permission of tour / group leader and trek / camp leader.

Every participant must follow schedule of the tour / trek / camp.
If, at any time, the participant feels uneasy or sick, advised to inform immediately to tour / group leader or trek / camp leader.

Participants, who are allergic to anything, or suffering from any disease or illness, must inform the Camp Leader before participating in the tour / trek / camp.

All participants must behave rational and friendly during the tour / trek / camp, as everyone joins the tour / trek / camp to enjoy the nature and adventure. We must always remember that co-operation and Coordination is the base of every tour / trek / camp. Respect the thoughts of other participants. Make yourself busy in collecting positive spirits from others and neglect the negatives. Become mind-free and enable yourself to share your views, discuss and express your opinions in positive ways. We offer an opportunity to expand your social circles. Share food, water and experience.

All participants are advised to use optimum water. For this purpose, all must carry sufficient stock of water (2-3 Liters, as per the need of trek/camp) & should drink it with regular gaps. Every tour / trek / camp provides us potable water sources and we must use that water very carefully, as this water is used by the nearby villager, other trekkers too. We should avoid bathing, swimming, throwing stones etc. in water sources along with non-potable water sources too. For bathing, a fare assessment of the area & water availability must be done before using the water. Not bathing a day or two doesn’t harm our bodies much.

No participant will comment on any Historical person, Building, Place and Villager & their lifestyle. This may cause major damage (by us and/or by the villagers). Never disturb life of villager, their farms or occupations, their animals. Always use respectful common nouns to address villagers respectfully (like Kaka, Mama, Kaki, Mavshi, , Bhau, Tai, Mitra etc.)

We all are tourist / trekkers and follow the rule ‘Take nothing but sweet memories and Leave nothing but footmarks’. Hence all participants must carry polythene bag to gather all garbage made by them. We believe in absolutely no littering. Keep and leave your places with no garbage.

All of us will respect nature and rock. Since we are visiting an offbeat route, no one will disturb the nature in any way. Hence none of us will make noise disturbing birds and animals, none of us will pluck fruits, flowers, leaves of trees & plants, none of us will relocate anything on earth.

Do not write your names, addresses, locations, name(s) of your girl/boy friend(s), mother, father, grand parents, relatives, friend circle etc. & other things, anywhere.

Respect the mountain. Otherwise it may give some bad memories to us. Be careful always at all risky or normal rock patches, scree patches, muddy ways, rivers, streams, grassy ways, jungle and village tracks. It is really dangerous to have such bad experience in remote places. We all are enthusiastic towards nature but our safety is always in our own hand. We both, organizers and participants, equally responsible for our safety. Hence be careful and alert always.

Judge yourself and your ability. If you are really not compatible with the grade of trek / camp you are joining, we advise you to stop yourself. This will affect the group speed and the whole trek / camp.
A trek/camp is never a competition. So don’t compete with anyone. There is nothing to rush. Don’t be too slow too. Maintain a good reasonable walk to achieve the goals. Help the co-participants during rough patches. This will create understanding and respect.